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  • What do I need for an online lesson?
    Online lessons are conducted on the CoachNow app. Head to the app store you use and download the CoachNow app, free for athletes. If you are a monthly subscriber, you will also need to download Zoom for one on one discussions. You will need access to a driving range or a hitting net with plenty of room to allow for filming your entire swing. I recommend a tripod with a phone mount, or use just a friend. To read more about how online lessons work, click here.
  • Are lessons available in person?
    Yes, in person lessons are available at Tokatee Golf Club in Blue River, Oregon from April through November. Individual private lessons, group lessons, and group playing lessons are available. All in person lessons are booked through the Tokatee Golf Club. Please feel free to visit the Tokatee Golf Club website for more information.
  • How do I know what instruction is right for me?
    That question, of course, depends on you. More specifically, your goals as well as the time you want to commit to achieving your goals. Other things to consider include the access you have to facilities and equipment. I would be happy to have a preliminary conversation before deciding what instruction is right for you. Feel free to contact me by clicking the link here.
  • What is your teaching style?
    I believe that every person learns in their own individual way. I try and teach in the style that suits each student best. If you are really technical and love talking swing mechanics, or if you just want to keep it as simple as possible, that's the style I will use. If you need to move and feel your way through the swing, or if you prefer to watch the mechanics being demonstrated, that's the style I will use. All practice drills will provide feedback specific to your learning style so you can continue to get the most out of your practice time.
  • What ages and skill levels do you teach?
    I love instructing golfers of all skill levels. Whether you have never even picked up a club or you are trying to climb the professional ranks, I would be excited to help you in your journey. In person I coach golfers 5 and older. Online lessons are only available to golfers 13 and older. If you are interested in getting your child into golf, or you have a gifted child who loves the game already, in person lessons are far more valuable for juniors. Junior golfers of all skill levels must be having fun. Golf lessons for juniors are much more fun when they are interactive. Instructors can be more flexible with lesson plans, skill games, and contests.
  • What kind of teaching experience do you have?
    Immediately after high school, I coach that very team for several years. At that time I was also volunteering at the local PGA First Tee Program. It was then that I decided to start my journey in instruction as a professional. I moved to San Diego where I started giving individual lessons as well as group lessons and teaching in junior programs. I had the privilege of observing and learning from several top 100 PGA teachers during my four years. Professionally everything was going great, but it wasn't the right fit. I moved to Colorado teaching there for several seasons before making it back home to Oregon where I have been at Tokatee Golf Club giving lessons and running the junior golf camp.
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