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What are online lessons? How do they work?

Online lessons are a great way to improve your game from anywhere, all season long. For an individual online video lesson, film two short videos of several swings. One video will be shot from down the line, and the other from face on. Be sure to have the camera pointing straight at your hands at address for both angles. Then upload your videos to the CoachNow app on your very own space where I will provide a voice over full swing analysis. You will also receive instructional videos where I will show you how to implement the changes to your swing and the drills that will provide you proper feedback to make sure you continue to improve. These videos and instructions will always be available for you to review on the CoachNow app.

If you're really looking to transform your game, sign up for our monthly game improvement program which gives you full access to your own personal golf coach. This special membership includes goal setting and progress assessment, a video lesson and zoom conference once a week along with drills and practice plan for after each lesson plus full access to communicate with Josh on the CoachNow app.

Online lessons are conducted using the CoachNow App. Click below for more information. 

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